If you’ve been listening to the box-office buzz. You’ve probably heard Baby Yoda knitting yarn t-shirt surrounding the opening weekend performance of the second Star Wars standalone film. It’s just the latest in the recent series of Star Wars movies to receive such a backlash from fans of the original trilogy upset at the direction Lucas Film has taken the franchise. Despite all of that, Solo: A Star Wars Story offers an entertaining origin story to the best intergalactic smuggler and his fury copilot.

But taken on its own merit, Solo is a solid adventure film with typically relentless action sequences, lacking a crucial element- peril. We know where the film is heading from the start as well as the touch-points it will cover. The story wasn’t engaging enough for me to be invested in the lives of its characters. The constant double-crossing and bluffing starts to get ridiculous: almost like a whodunnit murder B-movie. This also makes it drag. The film is at least 30 mins too long and its structure as clunky as a rusty R2 unit.

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Baby Yoda knitting yarn unisex t-shirt

Baby Yoda knitting yarn unisex t-shirt

Notwithstanding the knowledge of production problems, there’s a lack of continuity. Some sequences are climactic in feel but have little consequence. Characters are built up and then underused, whilst others are introduced deep into the film and we are expected to feel attachment to them.

It’s not all bad though. I got a warm and fuzzy feeling, not unlike hugging a Wookiee, as Chewie and Han’s friendship developed. The awe in the eyes of Han at the sight of the Millennium Falcon is powerfully portrayed by Alden Ehreireich. His Solo is excellent. Giving a real Baby Yoda knitting yarn t-shirt of a young scoundrel without doing any kind of Harrison Ford impersonation.

The casting is perfect all-round with Donald Glover as Lando and Paul Bettany as the piece’s villain stealing many of the film’s scenes. It really lacked the breezy laughter I thought would suit a film about Han Solo. The ‘comedic relief droid’ was embarrassing for a number of reasons (I’m sure being debated on Reddit) but crucially just fell flat. Kind of like the film as a whole; unfortunately it never really justifies its existence.

The action scenes are very well shot and I have to say I was quite impressed with the screenplay however there are parts here and there that feel a little rushed and could have been developed better like Han and Chewbacca which by the way is great see a film where they first met but there isn’t that much character depth between them and while Baby Yoda knitting yarn t-shirt does a great job as Lando Calrissian however he doesn’t get a hell of a lot of screen time.

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Baby Yoda knitting yarn unisex sweatshirt

Baby Yoda knitting yarn unisex sweatshirt

Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo does a fine job although there are scenes where I was like that’s something Han would do but others where I was like yeah that’s something Han wouldn’t do but having said that this Baby Yoda knitting yarn longsleeve is a story about his younger days so that kinda does get a pass and the remaining cast is great too. What I loved about this film is the lore and while this does feel different to the classic “Star Wars” film.

There are elements of the classic “Star Wars” too so basically the tone feels like something new and refreshing while blending with nostalgia which is great. The film delivers on some great Baby Yoda knitting yarn t-shirt and there are moments that feels like watching an 80’s style sci-fi film which I loved so overall if you’re a huge “Star Wars” but expecting just a fun and entertaining film then I highly recommend checking this out but if you’re expecting a masterpiece.


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