Revan would have to be a trilogy film IMO. 1st film is Baby Yoda hug Tegridy Weed farm t-shirt against the mandalorian and fall into darkness, next would be his betrayal and “murder” and lastly would be his redemption to the Jedi and against his pupi. Baby Yoda for some reason remind me of Renaissance Madonna and Child. It’s been a while since my last drawing but Star Wars always gives some inspiration.

Just like many other people out there I am very fond of my memories of this Camaelshirt Trending. Watching Rogue one with dad gave me the chills I used to feel when I was little. It’s not a perfect movie but the emotions of a real life threatening danger are all there.

I use different parts of the story, rather that’s characters or events, as examples for my students. Are some movies better than others? Yes, and we all have our favorites and least favorites for whatever reason. Did I cry watching Rise of Skywalker? Yes I did. Shoot, I cried watching the first trailer. This is the end of the saga I’ve been lovenly following since 1977. Thanks George Lucas for your vision and for your tenacity to getting Star Wars on the screen in the way you envisioned it. Thanks to all the cast and crew for keeping the secrets of the films so the fans could enjoy them, and for loving the franchise as much as the fans do.

Baby Yoda hug Tegridy Weed farm t-shirt, unisex t-shirt, hoodie

Baby Yoda hug Tegridy Weed farm unisex t-shirt

Baby Yoda hug Tegridy Weed farm unisex t-shirt

I sat in the theater and a girl around 12 years old behind me said, “This is the first Star Wars movie I’ve seen in a theater”. I was shocked by both my own journey ending while hers is just beginning. Like a master handing a light saber to Palawan, I can only imagine what their galaxy will look like. And may Baby Yoda hug Tegridy Weed farm t-shirt be with you. I’ve had to endure hell and living up to other people’s expectations since A New Hope was released. Because of my name people have expected me to save the Galaxy. People were referring to me as Luke Skywalker. After Empire Strikes Back, there were many claiming to be my Father. My Mom’s attorney is still trying to get the back child support.

People are always telling me to use the Force, and then get mad when I use it to choke them. After a Motorcycle Accident, people started calling me Skylimper. These movies have been a source of ridicule for me. I can’t wait to see The Rise of Skywalker. And you know there will be another. And I can’t wait for it. I saw A New Hope at the Wonderland Theater in San Antonio Texas the first weekend in August 1977 while at officer’s training school. I am eagerly waiting to see The Rise of Skywalker. This Baby Yoda hug Tegridy Weed farm longsleeve has permeated our culture like no other. Now excuse me while I stir the chili in my Star Wars crock pot.

Baby Yoda hug Tegridy Weed farm unisex t-shirt

Baby Yoda hug Tegridy Weed farm men t-shirt

I have nothing against the actors. But the characters sucked. And let’s be honest, the writers butchered it all by wiping out the Skywalker line and making a Palatine the Chosen One. All I remember from that first viewing was sand, stars, lasers, and the trench run seems to stick out in my Baby Yoda hug Tegridy Weed farm t-shirt.

Baby Yoda hug Tegridy Weed farm t-shirt, sweatshirt, longsleeve

Baby Yoda hug Tegridy Weed farm sweatshirt

Baby Yoda hug Tegridy Weed farm sweatshirt

All that said I was fan from that day forward. Posters on were on my walls and Kenner action figures and play sets were on my shelves. I have seen the all the films now multiple times and I have always been thoroughly entertained by them, including TLJ. I have passed my love of Star Wars to my son 12 and my wife has even become a convert since we met. We saw TROS this weekend and what a bittersweet moment at the end.

I started a weekly blog about Baby Yoda hug Tegridy Weed farm t-shirt and strong women in June 2016 and then a whole new reason to write about them happened. It is “Oz” based, and Star Wars is this generations OZ. Inspiration in spades. Thanks for keeping hope alive. We need it more now than ever. Similar to some other comments, saw A New Hope with my parents when I was 11. Now, I have watched the final installment of the saga with my wife and kids, and today with my parents as a bookend. I would say this was the first and best cinematic universe.


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