A beautiful take on Life. You will go places with that caring attitude. We all carry pain in varying degrees, but its what you do with it, that will make or break your Life. That one act of kindness someone showed you as a child never left your Heart. And now you are paying it forward. Given the Baby Yoda hug stethoscope nurse t-shirt you came from, the gender you were born in to, this is one of the most powerful and beautiful messages i’ve read this time of year.

Thank you for being so inspiring and encouraging of others. Keep being you as you’re doing an amazing job being human. Experiencing trauma and recognizing ways to channel your anger and emotions at such a young age is so admirable.

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I’m so glad you were blessed with someone who played a small part in your healing. I hope you always stay as positive as you are today. I’m sure so many people appreciate you being so strong and vulnerable. God bless you. I love that you recognize that some random woman helped you in ways you cannot count. I have no doubt she changed the Baby Yoda hug stethoscope nurse t-shirt of your life for the better. I hope you can help others the way she helped you.

Baby Yoda hug stethoscope nurse unisex shirt

                                                           Baby Yoda hug stethoscope nurse unisex shirt

It would be amazing if we all took the time to be good to others. More men and people in general need to realize that THIS is the definition of strength. You should be proud of yourself. Just being who you are is going to change a lot of people around you for the better. We need more people like you in the world. Thank you so much for sharing this. I’m a school social worker who takes kids out of class. I love hearing how something so simple can be so powerful.

My office is always a mess from play dough. You are soooo beautiful. Everyone you come across needs you; I promise. I treat trauma, and you have this Baby Yoda hug stethoscope t-shirt exactly right. You are a healer. Love to you and that woman who saw you and witnessed your pain. Reminds me of my work around aces adverse childhood experiences and healing through Attachment work. Also reminds me of me when I was younger before I was adopted. And thank God I was adopted.

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Actually, what she recognizes are the use of tools to help with with sensory regulation, which came about from the work of pediatric occupational therapists. Many professions now successfully use them, thanks to the pioneering work of occupational therapists. Your comment is out of line. Thank you. I am the assistant to our director of special education. As times get more challenging for Baby Yoda hug stethoscope nurse t-shirt we need more therapists of all disciplines. I tell my young friends who want to go into teaching, if you can find a place in your heart to work one on one with a student, we need good ots and Speech therapists and counselors. Good luck.

Baby Yoda hug stethoscope nurse sweat-shirt

Baby Yoda hug stethoscope nurse sweat-shirt

Harmony could have been one of many professionals really it’s not the title that heals but the person behind it anyway but it is annoying that us Occupational Therapists tend not to considered much, especially in the US and especially in mental health services which is where OT actually began. All these comments. Doubtful that Lemon was taking credit here.

No matter who, what license or credentials that was held –  the lady was a healer –  such as many of you. No matter what the licensure. It takes a VERY special person to help another in being healed. You all rock.



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