Politeness is key. Nobody has the right to bully others just because of authority or status. Good for you on standing up to him. I’d love to share my Baby Yoda hug Snoopy t-shirt with this community. My name is Matthew and I have autism. I want to make the world a better place for those with disabilities. I have a page called Matthew’s Autism Journey and I am advocating to make the world a better place. It would mean a lot to me if you could all come follow my journey. Thank you.

Good for you. You deserve to be treated with Baby Yoda hug Snoopy t-shirt and respect at all times. I have had to stick up for myself several times in my work environment, and it has mostly worked out for the better, though I did have a few instances where I had to go above someone’s head to get results.

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I think sometimes people need to be reminded that they are not superior to you, and they are not entitled to treat you like Baby Yoda hug Snoopy t-shirt just because they have a certain title, salary, or level of experience. Everyone deserves respect.

I moved from NYC to the south. I miss plain speaking. I miss directness. I don’t understand why you would think exemplifying Christ equates to not speaking up honestly and professionally for yourself. I’m glad you learned this lesson. Being a good person does not equal losing your voice.

Baby Yoda hug Snoopy unisex-shirt

Baby Yoda hug Snoopy unisex-shirt

Absolutely. I just left a job for this reason, and a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. It is crazy how I have to retrain myself and my reactions after 2. 5 years in a toxic, hierarchical, elitist workplace where they rainmakers were free to say and do as they please.

I don’t know. I was working at a Baby Yoda hug Snoopy t-shirt the last time I experienced it. I was condescended to, but people who were in admin roles were actually told by the same person that their jobs weren’t as important as hers. And she’s still there, too. I hear all the time about how so many people want her gone, but yet. Clearly not the right people.

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Jolene Denton also being a nyc native and follower of Christ know directness is a hallmark of a New Yorker. Other areas of the country may find the directness rude, i. E in the Midwest where I live now, they think they are polite but it is for too many of them a cover for all kind of isms and fear to live directly. NYC is a place of immigrants where you can be as genteel as anyone but try to pull something past us and you will be met with our truths.

And that’s exactly what you need to do. A lot of us, including me, are too afraid to stand up for ourselves and the moment we do, people are instantly shocked. Good for you.

Baby Yoda hug Snoopy sweat-shirt

Baby Yoda hug Snoopy sweat-shirt

Agreed. I suck at confrontation muchless social interaction. So i used to be quiet and let things slide. Getting older something changed. Still get anxious and hate confrontation but ill be damned if i bust my ass for a nobody to chew it out too.

Now people act like, whered that come from. When Baby Yoda hug Snoopy t-shirt was always their, i just held it back, not anymore. Good job. It is no surprise. That is what we are taught to do our whole childhood when we are developing brain pathways and behavioral patterns. We do what our parents tell us, other authorities and our teachers. We are literally trained that way.


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