I also have family and Baby Yoda flower reading book t-shirt to support Camaelshirt Trending when things are difficult. But not everyone is so lucky, and through no fault of their own. Why wouldn’t you want a society that has a safety net for everyone. Rich people will still have nicer, better stuff – is it really so unfair on them if everyone has their basic needs for food, healthcare and shelter met.

I think you know what my point is. Should someone who works really hard get the same reward as someone who doesn’t. I agree there are people who work hard and bad things happen and they don’t get what they deserve, and that’s sad and there should be help for that situation.

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But there are also people who will not work hard and take Baby Yoda flower reading book t-shirt of handouts. Clearly most people commenting here have never actually been to a communist country to see how well the equal housing for all concept works in the real world. Because it doesn’t, and claiming a right to safe housimg doesn’t actually procure it for anybody.

Not in California, there isn’t. Many people frown on shipping homeless people out of state to more affordable places with more housing, despite the appearance of solving a problem of supply and demand. It’s considered dumping the problem onto another community.

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Baby Yoda flower reading book unisex-shirt

My mom raised two kids entirely on her own. We lived in a small two bedroom apartment. Our landlord’s were an elderly couple. The Wallace’s were so kind to us over the years. They never raised the rent, bought us presents on holidays, would bring over a Christmas ham and they always worked with my mom when rent was going to be late.

If the person works hard, and is a nurse or care worker or childcare provider they still wouldn’t EVER earn enough money to but a house in the UK, EVER. They’d have to become a banker or lawyer or Baby Yoda flower reading book t-shirt and you know what we need people to do all these jobs. The idea that working hard by cash is bullshit.

Do you work. If so, do you get paid by corporate greed. If you don’t work and are either independently wealthy, self-employed, somewhere along the road corporate greed provided for you, right. Profit is what all companies strive for.

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I’d like to add that the idea of free flats is nice and all but free would mean that everybody could move next door. Or how would you determine who is entitled to a particular flat. Everybody could demand to live in a nice neighbourhood with Baby Yoda flower reading book t-shirt, pools and ocean view. Free would mean that the fastest and strongest get the good free flat while the weaker ones, e. G. Families with little children, get the rest. Money is a way to allow weaker people to get something usually only strong people would get.

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Baby Yoda flower reading book hoodie-shirt

You always have to pay for a nice neighbourhood in one way or the other. Furthermore, you can see how greedy lots of people are. Not only poor people but also people who have enough. If they were entitled to free flats, why should they take care of that flat. Why should they repair anything. They could simply move to the next free flat.

You are going to be taxed. Once the government takes your Baby Yoda flower reading book t-shirt they are no longer yours. Those of us who aren’t sociopaths would rather our taxes are used to help our citizens, rather than spend trillions on never ending wars, subsidies for profitable corporations and tax cuts for the wealthy.



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