Thank you for your wise Baby Yoda floral nurse t-shirt and the kindness in your heart to listen and pay it forward. Thats what being a real man means. I am a school social worker. I realize I may not see all the results of what I do. I care and love so much and I worry I won’t be enough. Your story makes me glad I do what I do and hopeful kids I work with will be positively affected.

Thank you for all the work you chose to do to help yourself we just provide supports  –  kids do all the hard work and now help others. The older I get the more I understand this. I have a small Baby Yoda floral t-shirt of people who are wonderful listeners no matter what. If I need them in know they’re there. It can get hard. Especially when you are like you said hurting.

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And at times it feels like no one’s there to listen. A support system is the most important thing to have. My son has a lady who comes takes Baby Yoda floral nurse t-shirt out of class to work on anger and behavior. He also has a therapist he sees that just sits and paints with him. Sometimes I wonder if it’s all making a difference, if I’m doing what’s right. This post feels like it was meant for me to read.

Oh my, I hope she knows what you have done with what she showed you. You are what everyone who works with and loves kids hopes to spark in even one life, as you yourself now know. Good for Autism Baby Yoda in a world where you can be anything be kind t-shirt being strong enough to pick up what was offered and to create something new and stronger from it.

Baby Yoda floral nurse unisex-shirt

Baby Yoda floral nurse unisex-shirt

You sound like an amazingly strong person to not only choose that attitude, but to continue choosing it everyday when it doesn’t seem to be a popular choice. I hope that you continue to spread your Baby Yoda floral nurse t-shirt and that you don’t let anyone take that mentality away from you. Wishing you all the best.

Hello dear young man, what you shared is totally awesome and all your experiences and decisions are absolutely brilliant. But, Let come to the point. What’s your next move from now. How and when you gonna take all those your good experiences to action and help others to let them passthrough all their problems and share in public as well.

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When I started seeing a therapist for anxiety and depression, my mom got mad at me and told me not to be telling ‘people’ our business. I did it anyway for me. Healing starts with bringing things out unto the open. We all have things we’re told we should hide. Let it out. You are a gift to those who know you. It’s really huge what you have realized and are doing about something so many are stuck with and not only where you’ve grown up. Thank you for making Baby Yoda floral nurse t-shirt better for others and yourself as well. Blessings to you at this holiday season and all year long.

Baby Yoda floral nurse longsleeve-shirt

Baby Yoda floral nurse longsleeve-shirt

Your amazing, and that’s an awful thing for a little boy to experience, even though you dont remember, it’s still something deep and painful and unknowing that you experienced. I agree about people lashing out because of their deep pain and not just young men, mental illness and depression is pain pushed so far down. You were so lucky to have a teacher help you even though you didn’t understand.


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