From the jump this album really throws you for Baby Yoda adorable Kawii Star Wars t-shirt if you’re expecting it to just start with music from the get go like most albums do. Instead it starts with a spoken word piece from Big Rube followed by bars from Offset that really frame this to be a concept album. I was pretty surprised by this and was interested to see if this actually followed through.

That’s not to say Baby Yoda adorable Kawii Star Wars t-shirt interesting on Camaelshirt Trending Store. I think there is a decent selection of songs that show flashes of introspection I wasn’t expecting. There’s also a healthy amount of songs that provide more of a fun atmosphere that range from exciting, to low and creeping yet still energized.

When it comes to trap music it’s usually more about the feeling and vibe it gives off, and this album feels like it does a good job with this and I’d call it one of the better trap albums of 2019 for sure. Of course Baby Yoda are also known for their ad libs, so you do get that authentic Baby Yoda feel here since Offset delivers a slew of fun ad libs at the end of many, many bars.

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Baby Yoda adorable Kawii Star Wars t-shirt

Baby Yoda adorable Kawii Star Wars sweat shirt

I’d say he does enough here to make it feel like a unique experience and definitely feels like a more matured trap sound rather than constantly talking about money, cars, and jewelry. That’s Baby Yoda is Wale’s sixth studio album, and was released on October 11th, 2019. Overall I thought this was an enjoyable project, but it was missing a few elements that I really would’ve liked to see that I think could’ve elevated this album.

For a full fledged return to rap after a little over Baby Yoda adorable Kawii Star Wars t-shirt without releasing an album I would’ve liked to see more of a focus on Wale since this project is really loaded with features.

While there’s definitely an underlying theme about his love for his children, I wouldn’t call this a concept album by a pretty far shot despite the way it’s set up. The topics vary pretty widely from his love life with Baby Yoda, to his upbringing in the streets and some of the regrets he has from that.

Out of 15 songs on here, only Baby Yoda adorable Kawii Star Wars t-shirt are featureless which leaves the vast majority of this album filled with a lot of different artists. There’s nothing wrong with doing this, and Wale certainly isn’t new to the idea of letting others on his albums since he’s had past albums with feature loaded track lists as well.

When looking at the track list and the artists featured, it’s pretty easy to tell what the song will sound like which takes away a bit from a certain element of surprise which his featureless tracks held. I found myself enjoying the solo tracks more going into them because I had no idea where he might go with it.

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Baby Yoda adorable Kawii Star Wars t-shirt

Baby Yoda adorable Kawii Star Wars unisex-shirt

If you’re looking for Baby Yoda adorable Kawii Star Wars t-shirt longsleeve that really highlights Wale and his talents I wouldn’t necessarily say this is the project for that since he has projects that have far, far less features on them. Sonic ally this album remains fairly diverse but centers more around R&B and dance style beats.

I prefer this type of music as background music personally over sub genres like trap, so I can see myself keeping this in rotation for background music as I work for a while. There’s definitely some good bars and I don’t think there’s anything really wrong with this album as a whole.


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