Why you gonna copy dhar mann videoes. he looked up to you. I hope he does the right thing and sue you. You are a worthless and untalented piece of. your videoes suck. I absolutely support Starbucks 100%. I get so tired of people saying bad things about the company. If they only knew what y’all do for the community and how great the company treats their employees and the benefits, WOW, the benefits are exceptional. My 11 year old niece wants to have this Baby Groot hugs BMW logo shirt and work there when she comes of age.

Baby Groot hugs BMW logo shirt, unisex shirt, longsleeve

This is amazing, Jay. Thanks for the video.touched my innermost chords.your words totally resonate with me.humbled and feel blessed as I do have a very loving son. Indeed very proud of the beautiful & kind soul that he is with a big golden heart that could melt in a minute. Really proud of this compassionate young man and our journey together as the Best of Friends

My children are not with me for 8yrs.( bcoz I work abroad) I visited them once in a year. But my prayer everyday was they feel how much I love them and how much I am proud of them. I need to share this video right now. Amazing video. I am so proud of my daughter, she is a loving, caring and considerate young girl. She knows I am here for her no matter what. She also knows that my dreams are not her dreams that whatever carrier she chooses in life mommy is always gonna be proud of her.

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If its too hard, then deleting this video might be easier. Thanks for the reminder about how nice Baby Groot hugs BMW logo shirt is to have a strong 2 way bond with your children. Mine didn’t go to College either – they have great jobs, put money in their savings accounts, love their friends, sports & travel and treasure family time. I love my kids & they love me.

I have huge respect for Jay Shetty. But after seeing this video, it broke my heart and wanted to unfollow. :(. Saying something about not copying, but he did it anyway. I’m not sure how the team works or if there are people behind it. But I am sure that this has reached you now, Jay. A little credit for Dhar Mann is enough.


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