Each of The Infinity Stones have been wielded by an Avenger; Loki, Vision, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Star Lord. But Am I missing anyone. Anyway, I think that might have something to do with defeating Thanos. I really do hope it has Avengers Endgame fat Thor bring me tacos shirt screenings on the 25th. Because I already switch shifts at work. Finally, the 26th I’m probably not gonna feel so good for work and the 27th some people will go to work. #WhateverItTakes so I hope my supervisor don’t see this comment.

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Soooo, how many people noticed that The Grand Master’s ship,Commodore. Therefore, which Loki had parked on top of the stolen ship Statesman, that the Asgardians fled on in Thor:Tagnarok, was not still parked on top of the Statesman in the beginning of Infinity War. However, I believe that Loki was using his hologram again in that opening scene of Infinity War and that Loki. Who is flying the Commodore, will now be the one to pick up Tony Stark, who is stranded adrift in space on the Milano.


Cool, confident kid. RDJ is one awesome guy and out of all the Hollywood actors. Here’s why I like and respect him. The guy went through personal hell, dealing with his own demons for decades. He’s back, better than ever and genuinely cares about people and making a difference. This video is proof of that.

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Evan Biersack and? So people waiting to get paid to go see a movie or waiting a day or two to have some shit head like half of you spoiling the movie. Of course they’re going to be pissed. I don’t blame them. It’s pretty happy that people like Avengers Endgame fat Thor bring me tacos shirt and everybody else that wants to spoil these movies. Take excitement into that sick in the head for aggravating someone else. You were part of what’s wrong with the new generations.

They’ve all lost so much, and just when they thought they couldn’t lose any more, Thanos reminds them there’s always more to lose. Now, they’re going to make sure nothing else is lost in this final battle.


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