Every time my Astronaut Yoga Spiritual Space art t-shirt and head fixs I freak out thinking I have it again. I’m very lucky to be here. Your expertise with Makeup action is Fabulous. You and your Family are Inspirational keep living life with that determination. I’m so respect how she still so happy and positive, I would be dead inside from the first day that happened. Good girl. Your beauty both INSIDE & OUT radiates farther than anything I’ve seen you are just getting started on leaving your mark on the world feel so blessed I recently got out the hospital.

I was going blind and deaf from fluids on my brain and I had some meningitis symptoms I truly thank god I didn’t have it. God bless you you’re a fighter. I need people like her in my life. Everyone is so damn negative when they have everything. I need people with her positivity and outlook. Love her. She’s amazing. I can even do my makeup as perfect as she does it. Would love for her to put make up on me. I am a disaster when it comes to that.

Astronaut Yoga Spiritual Space art t-shirt, hoodie, tank top

Astronaut Yoga Spiritual Space art longsleeve

Astronaut Yoga Spiritual Space art longsleeve

She is so pretty. God Bless her. Wow you are amazing. Your amazing personality shows through in this video and I really wish we could be friends. I am in all of what you have overcome. I lost my left arm and shoulder from a motorcycle accident. It’s been 12 yrs. And I’ve overcome a lot also. But you really make me think about pushing on when I feel like it. Thank you so much for you inspiration and strength. If I were her, in her situation, I know if I be able to keep the Astronaut Yoga Spiritual Space art t-shirt in other words I will buy this positive vibes, to get stronger like her.

I see a vibrant, charismatic young woman. Yes, she needs technology on her side. She needs high tech limbs. Anyone out there have connections to the Astronaut Yoga Spiritual Space art t-shirt in other words I will buy this ‘tech giants’. She is also beautiful and doesn’t need all the makeup to hide whoever it is she sees.

My birthday is June 19th 1994. I am sorry for what happened to you but then again I am impressed that you have not lost hope in life and that every day you are determined. The cheer on your face tells it all. I wish you a long and happy life. I’ve had viral meningitis 5 times. The first was when I was 8. It’s awful thought I was going to die.

Astronaut Yoga Spiritual Space art t-shirt, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

I really envy every human who always get stronger whenever they faced hard situation. Shout out for them. God bless I saw you and your family on Untold Stories of the ER. I think your mentality over contracting bacterial meningitis is outstanding. You are beautiful. You are amazing.

I had viral meningitis when I was about 13 and spent a week and a half in the hospital. Anyway, keep being awesome. And your doggies are adorable. Amazing lady Astronaut Yoga Spiritual Space art t-shirt of my sons had meningitis it’s an awful disease what an inspiration you are you are just wonderful.

I’ve been so disappointed in some people during this strongest, and you have healed that in me. Your mum must be the proudest mum in the world. I love her personality, so fun and bubbly, what an inspiration. Really puts shit into perspective. My younger brother had Spinal Meningitis as an infant twice. It was tough back in those days. He thrived. He is in his late 50’s.


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