I look at the world around us and I’m terrified for my godchildren, nieces, and nephews. I’m terrified for immigrant children held prisoner by ICE. Flat-out terrified for all of them, because of what’s happening now and what’s going to happen over the next fifty years. The children held temp. By ICE have never had life so good, they are in clean facilities with nice beds, showers and baths, TV, videos. And games, Arya Stark what do you say to cancer not today shirt have playgrounds 3 meals a day, health. Dental care, given clean clothing often donated by those working for Border patrol themselves. They never had anything even remotely close to it. I their own countries nor do many American children for that matter. Not everyone has to be a parent. Like love, or marriage, having children comes with risks. That’s not even looking outside your family unit.

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Life has risks. Not everyone wants to take risks. That’s ok. Anita Murphy that must be why so many of them have died in custody, and why those deaths were covered up. This is bar none, the worst period in American history. We have full knowledge of the atrocities happening, and its Arya Stark what do you say to cancer not today shirt like you choosing to live in ignorance that allow it to happen. I respect everyone’s decision on reproduction but I wish more people like you were having children instead of racist, bigoted, crazy, and hateful. Those are the ones ruining our planet. I have young kids and understand what you’re saying. But I’m sure given the choice my kids would still choose to be alive. They’ve had great times so far and will continue to. I’m sure there could have been reasons for your parents not to as well but I bet you’re glad they did.

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Topley what a pity, you live in such a terrifying world. Thanks God we can choose and make it better. I’m raising good people, and most thankful for them. I do respect your choice though. I think if not Robots which can be made environmentally friendly through sustainable electricity, and recycled metals, then immigrants will bolster the population at least in Europe. Point is, though Arya Stark what do you say to cancer not today shirt am capable of having children, it is not my sole purpose on this Earth, and no one can force me to have them. Call it selfish, I personally think it is selfish to have children to take care of you later, when there are other options out there. Caring for your parent should be a choice, not a decision made by your parent. Your children are individuals with their own lives after all. My husband and I are successfully raising 5 kids.


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