You can disable parts of their brain to numb people but it is not without side effects. It’s the same voice. It’s just all in our trachea and vocal cords and how we control it.  I guess it’s like you’re hearing a disembodied voice. I find Anderson Silva the spider shirt sounds different via voice recording to a degree though. Was a confusing talk all up. Also, most people don’t understand that the quality of the recording instrument effects how it sounds. Lower quality recorders takes bits and pieces and cuts it away to make a smaller file that drastically changes the way your voice sounds, but not enough that you couldn’t make out what was being said. That part about the cochlea turning down the most frequently heard sounds might explain why so many people complain their spouse doesn’t listen to them. I think she’s implying that our biological filter inside the ear fails to take in all the sounds when we hear ourselves talk, because it’s so used to our own voices.

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It depends on the sound quality of the recording device etc. So, when we hear our voices, we don’t hear it exactly as it is, but when a recording plays it back, it’s the actual voice, unfiltered. This discrepancy is probably what we don’t like. I could be wrong, but that’s what I concluded from her talk. Now I understand why Anderson Silva the spider shirt sing and think that I sound like Frank Sinatra. But the recording shows an out of tune duck quacking. Hope she gets well soon and may God bless you with strength to be strong for her sending you lots of prayers and love for her. My kids are a true blessing to everyone they touch. Praying for your warrior princess.

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I felt the same way thirty plus years ago, but decided placing my trust in God was a much better option than letting fear rule my life. They cannot tell you how happy I am with the choice we made. Susie Rawlings none of that addresses the reality that your children will live in a time of Anderson Silva the spider shirt and drought, mass migration, disease, increased civil unrest. And a planet that is quickly becoming unsafe for humans to live on as we have. Your kids may be a blessing to you, but they aren’t blessed. Thank you for sharing your hope-filled comment. This is not to imply we will have a life devoid of suffering, but one that glorifies Him. Because Christ is in us and with us. My husband and I chose not to have children and I’m profoundly grateful.


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