The rest of the film consisted of him going for Plan B. I really liked this strange way of presenting problem solving, which was especially prominent considering that The Omen is a horror movie. The reason why I couldn’t give this movie a higher rating is simply because it wasn’t scary enough. Of course it’s going to be cheesy for somebody watching it Abbey Road the last album The Beatles recorded shirt after its release, but I’ve seen some creepy ass movies made in the 70s. Add in the anti-christ factor, and boom, you should have a gritty film. One of the camera’s lenses was smudged near the top of the focus, so you could even say that the cinematography was working towards a scare factor, too. Look, all I’m saying is that it could’ve been scarier.

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Damien should have had more screen time and the movie should have had less of a journey-based orientation and more of Abbey Road the last album The Beatles recorded shirt focus. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked The Omen and I’d definitely watch it again in the distant future. I just think it had the potential to be a lot scarier. At least the movie was morally dense. I missed one of my classes just so I could finish this movie. What does that show. Does it mean I don’t have my priorities straight. Or does it mean that this movie is THE priority. It’s both. It’s amazing. It could be a sufficient standalone movie if need be. To be honest, this movie is far better than its predecessor. I’m sorry, Ridley Scott.

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You deserve the creeds for the vision, but Abbey Road the last album The Beatles recorded shirt deserves the creeds for envisioning your vision. In all honesty, Blade Runner 2049 is much better than Blade Runner. It maintains the feel that only a Blade Runner movie could possess cyberpunk original score, gloomy yet futuristic cityscape, aerial architectural shots) except in this case, all of those major attributes are emphasized and you won’t forget that you’re watching a Blade Runner movie. The plot is more defined, the characters are denser, and the spectrum of figures in the movie is more widespread. To sum it up, this movie simply expands the Blade Runner universe and makes it more colorful. Literally. Roger Deakins won his long awaited Cinematography Oscar from making this movie look beautiful.


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