Sometimes, what others consider mental illness is not terrible for the person, unless A cruising grandma never gets old t-shirt make it so. This is not to detract from those that do suffer – but different doesn’t always have to be terrible if people around you embrace your differences and don’t try to force you to conform.

I wondered if the jungle that he spoke of may be a A cruising grandma never gets old t-shirt for an institution or his own personal decision to live in isolation. His references to cannibals may also be a metaphor to the underbelly of society. Either way he wont die wondering.

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Who know if his story is completely true, but it’s his reality. We all have our own A cruising grandma never gets old t-shirt of the truth. My stories aren’t this colorful but I’m sure people remember my stories a little differently than I do. God bless, I wish him best.

Why does everyone with a strange past or story automatically get thrown into the crazy or on drugs category. I for one, would love to hear more about this man. Imagine everything he said is true. I would love to have coffee with him to hear more.

The comments here are so rude. I bet if he was clean shaven and better dressed people would believe him and have sympathy. I believe him, the world is so scary, but most of the people laughing and commenting never left their block, let alone traveled to a dangerous place. Yeah so all you guys believe he’s a prophet too then and was specifically named in the book of revelations.

It’s not a strange back story the guy is literally saying he was referenced in a 2, 000 year old book lmao Exactly. They believe in these weird Trump-Russia collisions even after the Mueller Report clears any doubt. This story is far more believable than any of those ridiculous conspiracy theories.

A cruising grandma never gets old unisex-shirt

A cruising grandma never gets old unisex-shirt

I’ve known bipolar and even schizophrenic people who’ve done and claimed such strange things but we can’t assume that about the dude in the A cruising grandma never gets old t-shirt because we have one quite to go on. Armchair diagnosis is inaccurate and not helpful. Whether or not the witches referenced actually have any supernatural powers, belief in that kind of thing is very prevalent in a number of Southeast Asian countries.

It wouldn’t take much for a bunch of people to retreat to the jungle and start practicing the kinds of rituals that their local communities believed in. Et voila – witches in the jungle. As for the cannibals. There are some pretty unhinged people in the world; if they can live in major cities then surely they can live in the jungle.

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It would presumably be much easier to thrive somewhere like that – where you can prey on unsuspecting trekkers or people from local villages and remain under the radar – than it would be in a more urban area. People are so quick to cynically dismiss things because they sound far-fetched, but the world is a crazy place.

A cruising grandma never gets old sweat-shirt

A cruising grandma never gets old sweat-shirt

You are experiencing cognitive dissonance and can’t wrap your A cruising grandma never gets old t-shirt around some mind blowing experiences others have had. It’s easier for you to say they are crazy than for you to see a bigger reality. I truly wish that was the case. But I can guarantee that my sister, who is bipolar, did not have a secret life as a CIA agent.

They were not sending her secret codes via 1985 romance novels. And she did not write all the lyrics to Hey Jude, 15 years before she was born, to help her cats deal with the trauma of her breakup with her longtime boyfriend.


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